Jul 22, 2014

Making Time for Yourself

"Make Time for Yourself..." I hear this all the time for my therapist, aunt, friends, T.V. and advertisements, and now that I have some experience under my belt I understand it better and why it's important. What I've learned is that people and life will always have demands and always expected them to be fulfilled like "NOW!” The number of demands are endless and sometimes pointless and insignificant and people don't care as long you're doing what they want you to do, when they want you to do it. And obviously they don't care how it affects you in the long run. With all that being said, sometimes I've had to turn off my phone, leave the e-mails unchecked for a day or two, stay off Facebook, Instagram, MySpace and any other form of social media and get away from my job, family and friends for a while. When I did I came back better than I was before refreshed, balanced, clear-headed and relaxed. When I didn't do this...well just the opposite would happen, and it was like my whole life would crash and/or go off course. Now, I've always had a bad case of the 'Disease to Please', I wanted everybody to be happy and satisfied especially the people that were close to me. Because of that, I would put off things that I had intended to do or need to do for myself in order to fulfill that desire to make everyone else happy. I do things like for example: go to the grocery store and when I originally went there for myself, I would have like three other people's shopping lists in my hand as well as my own (my mom, grandfather, friends etc.) and I would be so worried about getting everything on their lists, I'd forget to look at my own list and get the things I needed. To make matters worse, nobody would give me money for their stuff majority of the time. Smh. Another example would be, helping everyone else with their homework and not finishing or even starting on my own. And when I did, it was too late to start or finish it, everyone got a good grade except me. Therefore, I'm learning fast to "Make Time for Myself" even if it's just for making sure I have time to get dress, prepare for work the next day or just time to relax and clear my head. I learned that by making time for myself, it didn’t mean that I was selfish or that I didn’t care about anyone else (regardless that guilt trips may suggest otherwise) it's about taking care of myself before I do anyone else. I know this phrase could sound poster-board cheesy but I regardless of how it’s worded, I find it to be a well needed reminder.

Jul 18, 2014

Ice Cream You Scream

Ah... Ice Cream my favorite treat! Also, I just found that this month is National Ice Cream Month (Though for me that's all year long lol!) My favorite flavor is Cookies and Cream, not such exactly why but all I know is that I like the way it taste! For some people ice cream stops after summer ends, for me it's something that is a staple for my daily grocery list. I always say when I get my first apartment, my freezer will be stocked with ice cream. Some of my favorite places to get ice cream are the Cold Stone Creamery or Rita's Water Ice. I especial like that Rita's brought back the rewards cards and coupons. I love ice cream, so much I even bought my own ice cream maker, which before it got destroyed, I would create my own flavors by throwing in my own ingredients such as candy like butterfingers or caramel pieces and/or sometimes fresh fruit like strawberries or bananas. I miss doing that. But since my money and freezer space is limited right now, I'll have to still to going out for ice cream or buying a small quart from the supermarket. *Sigh...*

Jul 13, 2014

Anime Crazy

I am a fanatic when it come to Anime, mostly Japanese Anime but I like others too. Some of my favorite shows are: Azumanga Daioh!, K-ON!, Sailor Moon, Fairy Tale and Tenchi (All the series). Most of my favorite anime I don't find on t.v., I find them either somewhere online at websites like www.animeplanet.com or Netflix. I started my anime interest when I was about 9 or 10 years old by watching Tsunami on Cartoon Network and searching for it online and it really just grew from there. Growing up a lot of my friends called me a "Geek" or "Nerd" for it. They said A: because I was girl and anime is more of a boys thing. and B: because anime was weird, especially when they had Japanese names. For whatever reason where I lived at the time, a lot of people weren't into Anime or at least not deeply. Though I it never really stopped me from liking it and as time on went I found that there were more people out there that liked Anime the same or more than I did. For the new generation of teens I find that anime has become come like a staple of entertainment. I myself like Anime for 1 for the unique art style, I think the way the characters are drawn are cool and unique. Another reason, is that I like the creative story lines that some regular tv shows don't have. I have a lot of reasons why, I like Anime but one of the last reasons that I'll state is the anime conventions and Cosplay, I've never been to neither yet but I hope someday I will. So far looking at the pictures make me interested and excited about one day going. Until then, I'll keep enjoying it on t.v.

Jul 6, 2014

Relax and Unwind

For me, yoga is a way to relax, get exercise, quiet my mind and so much more. I like doing yoga in the evening (just a preference) because I feel like it's a nice way to unwind and let the hustle and bustle of the day fall away. It brings my mind back to a calm state and help me have a clear head before I go to bed and when I start out the morning. I think should everyone have some time to themselves during the day even if it ain't nothing but 5 minutes. I feel that just like anything in life, too little or too much of something may not be so good, and not enough time for yourself can just as bad as too much time alone. I feel that every once in a while I need time to think, clear my head and rest my mind and body. People do so much in life (like, work, take care of home, family obligations, relationships, social activities and so on) that isn't enough time for themselves as an individual to refresh or relax, it just 'GO, GO, GO!' I've learned that's an easy way to get burn out, as well not be of any use to anyone including yourself. So I've been teaching myself to fit time in my schedule for me to slow down and rest a little and to settle my mind and I have to admit I needed in it's been working. So far, so good... :)

Jul 4, 2014

Nails: Nail Art and the Works

Over the last few years nail art has exploded all over web, magazines, poster and of course on the fingers of many females. From a simple flower to a Picasso masterpiece, nail art has been taken from many inspirations. I myself think it's fabulous both as a nail tech and as an individual. I like the way of nail art is used as another creative outlet and person expression. I was never a person who was a fan of the classic firecracker red or hot pink nail polish (No offense to anyone who is). Even if I didn't do any nail art on my finger and at that particular moment decided to opt for one solid color, I always did like blues, green, oranges, purples (especially purples) etc, I get bored with the same thing all the time. With my constant desire for change of color and design, as got older I began to practice doing my own nail art both on myself and female friends and family. In this time where nail art has become more popular, I noticed other people found enjoyment in doing so as well. Some of the most popular and easy designs are daisy, stripes, dots, multicolored french manicure, and chevron. My favorite are abstract design with line and palm-like plants and cheetah print. Every brand of nail polish has a different type of formula, some thicker, some more thin, some dry fast than others, some have better coverage with less coats, etc. with that everyone has their own preference. I myself, like 'Zoya', 'China Glaze' and 'Venique' and I like 'Art Club' and 'Kiss' for my striper brushes, though with I'm doing more intricate designs I prefer to use acrylic paint which can be easily found at arts and crafts stores for like $.98 or less . Just like clothing and person style, there's no right or wrong type of design or color. With that I think makes nail art fun and enjoyable for females of all ages whether you have it professionally done or you do it yourself at home. Below are a few of my own designs.

Happy Independence Day

 Independence Day
   America !

Compare Yourself to others

One bad I habit I have is looking at people my own age and saying "I'm so far behind!" or "....If I wasn't such an idiot back then I probably could of had better things (better: life, boyfriend/husband, career, etc.) and I feel toward them on hand admiration and on the hand "Why couldn't that be me as well?". But what I'm learning and what a lot of people are telling me is that "You are where you are in life..." or "There's no rush..." and they're right though I have to keep reminding myself from time to time. Here's a few things I remember when I feel the need to compare myself with the rest of the world. Truth is I don't know what the other person had to go through to get what they got or where they got today. Also, everybody takes their own paths in life, and I can't do everything the same way everyone else does and vice-versa and because everyone on this earth follows a different path which my makes us all unique. People sometimes will comment on my life and say things like "You're too far behind people your own age!" or "You never have fun like other people our age." and I reply to them with things like "When the time is right, I'll get to that point in my life..." or "No I don't have fun like people my own on age, I have MY type of fun.". When people say things like that to other people, it sometimes cause self-doubt and cause people to question themselves or feel insecure, It's happened to me plenty of time. That's when I tell myself things like, "I am who I am..." or "If they don't like you, then they don't have to be around you..." when I tell myself things like that, it reminds me that other people don't know your struggle or why your life is the way it is and where you came from to get to this point. Nobody knows these things better than you yourself. My grandfather always told my "Everybody has a season...everybody has a season to bloom and when it's your time you will bloom" and I found through the year he is so right! Sometimes I've gotten impatient or wanted to do what my friends were doing when it really wasn't my time. Though remembering his words in my head, I've learned to become patient. From that I've learn to be happy for other people when it's their time and be secure with myself.

About "My Point of View"

A lot of what I say, think or write is from my own prospective. With this I know everything in life isn't always the same way or doesn't apply to everybody or everything. None my ideas, opinions, thoughts, etc. are made of gold or are a fact of life, they are my take on life and my experiences which is why this blog is called 'My Point of View'. I try to stress this to everybody even when I talk to people in real life and I try to think the same way in terms of listening and respecting other people's opinion. If my friends, family and I don't agree with each others opinions we agree to disagree and I try to do that with everyone. I believe everyone has something to bring to the table as far as opinions, ideas experiences and I believe by listen to them I just might learn something from them.

Jul 3, 2014

Summer Half Way Over :(

I can't believe July is here already! Where did the time go? I hope I get to enjoy at least 1 thing this summer before it's all over. Independence Day (USA) is tomorrow and I have not even planned my Red, White and Blue outfit or even where I'm going to see fireworks, it all feels so sudden lol! Though I'm a fan of hot weather, I do like a lot of the activities that come with summer like, going to the beach, swimming, Independence Day, summer fashion, carnivals, barbecues, etc. I'm going to try to make it to the beach or a carnival hopefully, but if I don't no big deal. My next semester starts August 25th and this time I'm taking 4 classes and I know when things get in full-swing, there won't be a lot of time for vacations summer activities what not. But summer's not over yet and anything can happen, so I'll wait see how things go.
#Summerfun #vacations #summerblues

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