Dec 8, 2014

First Apartment: Whu you Should or Shouldn't Move Out

Ok recently I've been in the process of getting my first apartment. So, I thought it would be a good idea to share some of the reasons I'm moving and what I feel are good and not so good reasons to move out (at this present time). NOTE: These are not rules just my personal experiences and logics.

Reasons to move out:

As we get older we need our privacy and space. Sharing a room with your sibling just doesn't work anymore. Maybe one feels cramp and the room isn't barely big enough to move around or if your parents or mom is like mine, they use your room as secondary storage space. Also, inviting friends over maybe hard, because there isn't enough room to sit. All signs it maybe to time for a place of your own.

-School or Work Commute:
Though one might like living at home, the commute from home to work everyday may be too long or a hassle and costing money for more gas. Therefore considering moving closer (even if only 10 minutes) can help with this situation.

-Living As You Please:
Every heard the phrase from your parents"Since you live under my roof you, will live by my rules!" ? Which even though as their kids we don't like to hear it, it's totally true! People work hard to pay for and keep a place of their own (including your parents) the home a is a castle, a sanctuary away from the world. Therefore, people don't want everyone coming in to their home and doing whatever they want. Whoever gets their own place will probably feel same way too, whether they're talking to their own children or someone else they let stay with them. I know I will!

Reasons not to move out (Yet):

-Not Enough Money:
It's a good goal to have and work toward, but jumping out without a way to stand on your own 2 feet and keep a roof over your head, isn't smart. It leaves you struggling, living from paycheck to paycheck and if evicted stays on your rental history. As well as it could have you moving back in with your parents really soon. So to work toward that goal start saving so when you do move out you'll be able to be financially stable.

-Your Friends Said You Should:
Ah, yes our friends.......For SOME people their friends tend to play a huge role in the decision making process for many things. This isn't always a good thing, especially in this case. Friends don't know your income, home life circumstances and so on. Even if they plan on being your roommate they're not going to and probably can't afford to pay your share of the bills. So it's up to you to know when your ready not your friends.

- To Feel like an adult:
Many adults live at home and still live decently lives, whether they moved back in or never moved out in the first place. Living on your own doesn't validate one as an adult, your maturity level and how well you use the knowledge wisdom you gained over the years is what make you an adult.

Reasons why I want to move out

I haven't had my own room in years, I slept on in the living room for a year and now I share a room in my parent home again with my sister who is expecting. Plus I don't even have a place to store most of my belonging any more.

-Living to way I want to:
I don't have much say because after it is my parents house, I really want to eventually get married and start my own family and I don't want to be cramming my kids and husband into my parents house.

-To Escape My Family:
I love my family, but sometimes I need a break from them and the chaos that follows.

-Peace and Quiet:
Because our home is a little small for us and the walls are paper thin, you can hear everything that goes one through the house even, with the neighbors and their noise upstairs.

With all this said moving out first time can be a fun and exciting experience if done right. And I hope that I can look back one day and reminisce about this experience.


Sep 25, 2014

Some Like it Hot, Some Like it Cold.....

One of the many favorite things for people to discuss or complain about is: The weather. Some say it's too hot, others say it too cold. Some people hate snow while other people hate heat or rain. Though I too have a favorite weather or season, which is winter; Though I tend to be content whatever the weather;In fact I enjoy the change of season and I look forward to it. Since right I now it's Autumn, I'm enjoying cooler temperatures, beautiful leaves and Autumn scenery and wide variety of pumpkin and spice flavored foods example: pumpkin coffee. Where I live summer went by so fast for me,  it feels like summer never came! Though I can't complain because I enjoy this time of year. If I were to be a complainer about the weather/season, I would probably complain about summer or heat because I get too hot, too fast and when I get overheated, I get irritable as well. But again, I don't normally complain much about the weather too many more important things to worry about, so I just take it as it comes...

Sep 20, 2014

Pick Your Produce

I am a big fan of 'U Pick Farms', I like the experience of picking my food and surrounding myself with the calmness of the country-side and connecting with nature.  It gets me away from the hustle and bustle of my busy everyday life. Recently I went and picked grapes and blackberries a couple weeks ago.I remember picking strawberries in the summer and picking apples and and pumpkins in Autumn with my sister and parents. As well the time we grew a small patch of strawberries in the yard and the dog kept eating them lol.
In a few more week (October to be exact) I hope to be picking pumpkins, apples and butternut squash to ring in the Autumn food palette.  I usually use these to bake pies, sticky apples and other sweet treats. Which also means a grocery shopping for baking supplies, triple the bags of sugar!

I believe picking fruit is healthier vs, grocery store bought produce because you know all about the what's been to the produce and where it's been and so forth. Also in terms of getting exercise because there's a lot walking, getting fresh air, lifting, reaching and carrying, I really get a workout. I don't get to go produce pick as often as I'd like, but when I do it's a change up from the day to day pace and I enjoy and look forward to it.
(Milburn Orchards, Maryland, USA)

Sep 19, 2014

Food of the Month: David's Tea

I just recently started to get into tea and normally I'd only drink iced tea or a regular plain old Lipton tea-bag. Now in recent year I've start to like a new flavor of tea call 'Earl Grey'. I was watching this video on YouTube and it was about this Canadian based (but starting to make its' way into the United States) tea company,  call "David's Tea" who sells loose tea leaves. Sort of like a "Teavana" if anyone has heard or been to their store before. They sell all kinds of tea from 'black tea' to 'oolong tea' not only do they sell the blends in classic flavors, but they also sell them in fun flavor such as their summer carnival. Some of the flavors include cotton candy, root beer float and birthday cake. Also theyir fall collection that just came out has pumpkin chai, sweet apple cider, maple sugar and everything that reminds you of Autumn. They've got me anxious to try more flavors of them! David's Tea just like Teavana has stores that people can walk into, but I had to order mine due to the fact that there aren't any that I'm aware of around where I live other wise I would definitely explore the store and sample their teas. :_(  I never really got into the history of tea (which is actually interesting) or tried the different types of tea or even tried using tea leaves at all.

I've always thought tea pots and sets around the world were/are beautiful but it never peaked my interest (until now) beyond that. But now I have my tea sometimes 2-3 times a day, I find it helps me sleep better as well. Right now I've tried the flavors 'Cream of Earl Gray' and 'Pumpkin Chai' the Chai smells Heavenly! Omg , the strongest ingredients I smell are cinnamon and pumpkin spice, and it's like everything that is to love about fall all in one cup! Wonderful! If anyone would like to check it out here's the link to David's Tea  also here's the link to Teavana

If you try some, tell me what you think!

Sep 17, 2014

My Fav Product of the Month: iFrog Go Lite Portable Charger

When I was shopping for school supplies, I bought this portable electronic charger mainly for my phone because I my phone's battery life runs out fast but I wasn't always able to get to a wall outlet or plug it into the car. So I bought this charge called the "Go Lite" by iFrog and it has a flashlight built into one end of it and it come in a variety of colors (such as red, blue, black, white, purple, etc.) depending upon the location that they're sold, mine is purple.

It also come with a UBS adapter (though you can use detach the UBS cord from your phone charger and use it as well). The way it works is: You charger the "Go Lite" with your phone charger and it stores that energy and when you're ready to use it you just plug in you're phone and charge it like
normal. What I like to do is charge mine the night before and then in the morning just throw it in my purse and go.

I don't know about anyone else's "Go Lite" but mine didn't lose the energy it store even when I didn't use it for a whole week, so in my opinion it stores charged energy well. The only con I see with this and I don't know if' it's happened to anyone else, but when I DO charge mine phone sometimes I find that there's no juice left for a few more or even one other charge. Other than that, I really like it and I would rate it 4 stars. I say check it out and see what you think.

Sep 5, 2014

Gwynnie Bee: Clothing Rental To Bee or Not to Bee

I've lately been hearing a lot of Gwynnie Bee through online ads, Facebook, Google, other blogs, etc. So I decided to give it a try myself. So basically, the way Gwynnie Bee works is that's it's a clothing site that you rent clothing, kind of like a 'Netflix' or 'Game-Fly' only instead for clothes. They special in plus size women's clothing ranging from sizes 10-32. You can assignment how many pieces you want to be sent to you at once. You hold on to the piece as long as you please and if you like it, you can buy and keep it. In order sent it back just like Netflix, they send you prepaid packaging to send it back in when/if you're ready to return it. Then when they receive your returned piece, they send out another one to you out of you queue or in this case they call it a 'closet'. Gwynnie Bee offers a free 30-day subscription, so can try it out just to see how you like it. They have a lot of great brands like, Lands' End, DNKY, J. Jill, American Rag and many, many more. I'm excited because it gives me a chance to try a new way of shopping! I have my first piece being sent to me now, if I like it I'll continue the subscription even after my free trial.

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