Jun 13, 2014

Summer Classes

I'm going to college for a summer semester next Monday (June 16, 2014), I'll be taking one class which is called 'Intro to Business' 2 times a week (Monday and Wednesday). I know summer is usually considered the for vacations, fun and travel, but me for some reason I do really well academically around this time of year not sure why though. I'm okay with going to school in the summer for 1 because I've went to school in the summer before for cosmetology school, so it doesn't bother me one or the other. And also for 2, I usually have nothing else plan in the summer sadly. I know a lot of people would say "No way! I'm not giving up my summer!" but as an adult I feel like if you had a job where you worked year round you would so why not school too if you wanted to. Not mandatory, that's just my thinking though. Right now I'm trying the further my education to get gain new skills and potentially own my own business eventually. For right now I'm just going to see how this semester goes to determine the future from there and also whether I want to continue on for the fall.

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