Jul 13, 2014

Anime Crazy

I am a fanatic when it come to Anime, mostly Japanese Anime but I like others too. Some of my favorite shows are: Azumanga Daioh!, K-ON!, Sailor Moon, Fairy Tale and Tenchi (All the series). Most of my favorite anime I don't find on t.v., I find them either somewhere online at websites like www.animeplanet.com or Netflix. I started my anime interest when I was about 9 or 10 years old by watching Tsunami on Cartoon Network and searching for it online and it really just grew from there. Growing up a lot of my friends called me a "Geek" or "Nerd" for it. They said A: because I was girl and anime is more of a boys thing. and B: because anime was weird, especially when they had Japanese names. For whatever reason where I lived at the time, a lot of people weren't into Anime or at least not deeply. Though I it never really stopped me from liking it and as time on went I found that there were more people out there that liked Anime the same or more than I did. For the new generation of teens I find that anime has become come like a staple of entertainment. I myself like Anime for 1 for the unique art style, I think the way the characters are drawn are cool and unique. Another reason, is that I like the creative story lines that some regular tv shows don't have. I have a lot of reasons why, I like Anime but one of the last reasons that I'll state is the anime conventions and Cosplay, I've never been to neither yet but I hope someday I will. So far looking at the pictures make me interested and excited about one day going. Until then, I'll keep enjoying it on t.v.

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