Sep 5, 2014

Netflix vs. Regular T.V.

I personally prefer Netflix majority of the time, because I feel like they replay too many things on regular t.v.; Plus I get have a little more say about what I watch and when I watch it. It also means weeding out some of things I think are garbage or shows I don't like on regular television. Some of my favorite things on Netflix are genres like Anime, Comedy, Tyler Perry movies, Adventure and I'm a fanatic about cartoons. I also like to watch shows that are imported for other countries such as Britain or New Zealand like 'H2O Just Add Water', 'Tribe' or 'Being Eve'. Another thing I like about Netflix is I don't have to worry about missing out or not getting to watch my movie/show because I can hold on to the dvd as long as I want or pause it when I need to. (Unless my family gets a hold of of the dvd first.) I still tend to watch to t.v. but I usually use it to help me fall asleep or to see what's new on my favorite channels. Then once I find a show I like, I add the whole series to Netflix. No, I don't have to find new shows to watch this way, but if the t.v.'s on and something catches my eye then I see no problem with that. Though overall though I prefer Netflix.

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