Jul 4, 2014

Nails: Nail Art and the Works

Over the last few years nail art has exploded all over web, magazines, poster and of course on the fingers of many females. From a simple flower to a Picasso masterpiece, nail art has been taken from many inspirations. I myself think it's fabulous both as a nail tech and as an individual. I like the way of nail art is used as another creative outlet and person expression. I was never a person who was a fan of the classic firecracker red or hot pink nail polish (No offense to anyone who is). Even if I didn't do any nail art on my finger and at that particular moment decided to opt for one solid color, I always did like blues, green, oranges, purples (especially purples) etc, I get bored with the same thing all the time. With my constant desire for change of color and design, as got older I began to practice doing my own nail art both on myself and female friends and family. In this time where nail art has become more popular, I noticed other people found enjoyment in doing so as well. Some of the most popular and easy designs are daisy, stripes, dots, multicolored french manicure, and chevron. My favorite are abstract design with line and palm-like plants and cheetah print. Every brand of nail polish has a different type of formula, some thicker, some more thin, some dry fast than others, some have better coverage with less coats, etc. with that everyone has their own preference. I myself, like 'Zoya', 'China Glaze' and 'Venique' and I like 'Art Club' and 'Kiss' for my striper brushes, though with I'm doing more intricate designs I prefer to use acrylic paint which can be easily found at arts and crafts stores for like $.98 or less . Just like clothing and person style, there's no right or wrong type of design or color. With that I think makes nail art fun and enjoyable for females of all ages whether you have it professionally done or you do it yourself at home. Below are a few of my own designs.

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