Sep 19, 2014

Food of the Month: David's Tea

I just recently started to get into tea and normally I'd only drink iced tea or a regular plain old Lipton tea-bag. Now in recent year I've start to like a new flavor of tea call 'Earl Grey'. I was watching this video on YouTube and it was about this Canadian based (but starting to make its' way into the United States) tea company,  call "David's Tea" who sells loose tea leaves. Sort of like a "Teavana" if anyone has heard or been to their store before. They sell all kinds of tea from 'black tea' to 'oolong tea' not only do they sell the blends in classic flavors, but they also sell them in fun flavor such as their summer carnival. Some of the flavors include cotton candy, root beer float and birthday cake. Also theyir fall collection that just came out has pumpkin chai, sweet apple cider, maple sugar and everything that reminds you of Autumn. They've got me anxious to try more flavors of them! David's Tea just like Teavana has stores that people can walk into, but I had to order mine due to the fact that there aren't any that I'm aware of around where I live other wise I would definitely explore the store and sample their teas. :_(  I never really got into the history of tea (which is actually interesting) or tried the different types of tea or even tried using tea leaves at all.

I've always thought tea pots and sets around the world were/are beautiful but it never peaked my interest (until now) beyond that. But now I have my tea sometimes 2-3 times a day, I find it helps me sleep better as well. Right now I've tried the flavors 'Cream of Earl Gray' and 'Pumpkin Chai' the Chai smells Heavenly! Omg , the strongest ingredients I smell are cinnamon and pumpkin spice, and it's like everything that is to love about fall all in one cup! Wonderful! If anyone would like to check it out here's the link to David's Tea  also here's the link to Teavana

If you try some, tell me what you think!

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