Jul 4, 2014

Compare Yourself to others

One bad I habit I have is looking at people my own age and saying "I'm so far behind!" or "....If I wasn't such an idiot back then I probably could of had better things (better: life, boyfriend/husband, career, etc.) and I feel toward them on hand admiration and on the hand "Why couldn't that be me as well?". But what I'm learning and what a lot of people are telling me is that "You are where you are in life..." or "There's no rush..." and they're right though I have to keep reminding myself from time to time. Here's a few things I remember when I feel the need to compare myself with the rest of the world. Truth is I don't know what the other person had to go through to get what they got or where they got today. Also, everybody takes their own paths in life, and I can't do everything the same way everyone else does and vice-versa and because everyone on this earth follows a different path which my makes us all unique. People sometimes will comment on my life and say things like "You're too far behind people your own age!" or "You never have fun like other people our age." and I reply to them with things like "When the time is right, I'll get to that point in my life..." or "No I don't have fun like people my own on age, I have MY type of fun.". When people say things like that to other people, it sometimes cause self-doubt and cause people to question themselves or feel insecure, It's happened to me plenty of time. That's when I tell myself things like, "I am who I am..." or "If they don't like you, then they don't have to be around you..." when I tell myself things like that, it reminds me that other people don't know your struggle or why your life is the way it is and where you came from to get to this point. Nobody knows these things better than you yourself. My grandfather always told my "Everybody has a season...everybody has a season to bloom and when it's your time you will bloom" and I found through the year he is so right! Sometimes I've gotten impatient or wanted to do what my friends were doing when it really wasn't my time. Though remembering his words in my head, I've learned to become patient. From that I've learn to be happy for other people when it's their time and be secure with myself.

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