Aug 23, 2014

What's in My School Bag?

Basic Collge School Supplies

I know what is called 'Basic School Supplies' varies from person to person as well as whether or not you're in let's say high school or college. So what I'm going to list is what I call basic school supplies and since I'm in college that's what they'll be based on. So here is my list of basic school supplies for college.

Pencil/Pens-  Now I know this one is an easy one, but in my personal experience I've seen people show up to class without them and say "I didn't know what I would need for class, so I didn't bring anything." this still until this day puzzles me about why wouldn't you need them. I mean in college you probably take more notes in class than you ever day even with computers being a present staple in schools. Which is why I feel pens/pencils are basic along with my next basic supply: notebook paper
Person Favorite: Bic/Ticonderoga

Notebook Paper-  I feel the perfect way to find out what you're going to need for class (beside e-mailing the instructor or asking your friends) is to go to class and write down whatever the teacher tells you to in your notebook or on loose leaf paper or getting a copy of the class syllabus. Which is why I find note paper a basic supply.
Person Favorite: Any

Highlighters:  This I find helps when you have notes, handouts and textbooks. I also recommend getting a set with different colors in it as well, not just because the colors are pretty or to give your notebook doodle some color but so you can find things like important topics, vocabulary words and so on quick and easy.
Personal Favorite: Bic

2 Pocket Folders: I've seen some people take their papers and just shove them in their bag as walking down the hallway and as they're walking, other papers are flying out of their bag while their putting new paper IN their bag. While their doing this, 'I'm think haven't you been to school for the past 12 year enough to know you need not only a something to carry your books and papers in but also, something to keep them organize and secure?' so I just look and shake my head. But if you want something simple to hold paper and stay organize in my opinion I feel folders are quick, cheap, and simple and come in a variety of colors.
Personal Favorite: Five Stars

Mini Pencil Sharpener- If you choose to carry some pencils, I think it's necessary because classrooms don't have pencil sharpeners like they would in kindergarten or grade school.
Personal Favorite: Any

UBS Key/ Flash drive: Since computers are now a staple in schools of almost all grade levels, I feel it's important to have one of these to store you files such as an essay, rough draft and topic ideas.
Personal Favorite: SanDisk

Planner- It's easy to forget what assignments were due and where they were due and when they were due. The common answer I hear to this is: "Oh I'll just store it in my phone..." which is all fine and dandy but things happen and life happens. I hear some of the people that say that come the following week and say things like: "My phone got stolen so I didn't get to see what the homework was." or "I was at a pool party and someone pushed me into the pool and my phone got wet and now it doesn't work so I couldn't do my homework." which is why it's important to have a backup plan-ner.
Personal Favorite: School brand or Lilly Pulitzer

Stapler- I think this is important because again, the classroom/teacher won't always have one for you to borrow like they would in grade school or even high school in this case.
Personal Favorite: Any

Hand-Sanitizer-I as the seasons change you'll start to hear more people speak of colds and so forth which mean more germs and more chances for them to spread. Yuck!
Personal Favorite: Purell

Basic College School Supplies
White-Out- If you use pen you might make some mistakes (if you're like me you A LOT of mistakes) both writing and printing papers. This will come in handy.
Personal Favorite: Bic

So there you have it my basic school supplies for college. If I have nothing else I try to make sure I at least have these in my bag and lots of them.

Aug 4, 2014

Plans After Summer

August is here and it's wrapping up the last bit of summer and autumn is almost here again (time flies by so fast!). Some people are going back to school (like myself), others are looking forward to Halloween, other people cooler weather (again like myself) and the list goes on. If anyone cares to share, what are some of your plans for autumn?

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