Sep 5, 2014

Gwynnie Bee: Clothing Rental To Bee or Not to Bee

I've lately been hearing a lot of Gwynnie Bee through online ads, Facebook, Google, other blogs, etc. So I decided to give it a try myself. So basically, the way Gwynnie Bee works is that's it's a clothing site that you rent clothing, kind of like a 'Netflix' or 'Game-Fly' only instead for clothes. They special in plus size women's clothing ranging from sizes 10-32. You can assignment how many pieces you want to be sent to you at once. You hold on to the piece as long as you please and if you like it, you can buy and keep it. In order sent it back just like Netflix, they send you prepaid packaging to send it back in when/if you're ready to return it. Then when they receive your returned piece, they send out another one to you out of you queue or in this case they call it a 'closet'. Gwynnie Bee offers a free 30-day subscription, so can try it out just to see how you like it. They have a lot of great brands like, Lands' End, DNKY, J. Jill, American Rag and many, many more. I'm excited because it gives me a chance to try a new way of shopping! I have my first piece being sent to me now, if I like it I'll continue the subscription even after my free trial.

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