Sep 20, 2014

Pick Your Produce

I am a big fan of 'U Pick Farms', I like the experience of picking my food and surrounding myself with the calmness of the country-side and connecting with nature.  It gets me away from the hustle and bustle of my busy everyday life. Recently I went and picked grapes and blackberries a couple weeks ago.I remember picking strawberries in the summer and picking apples and and pumpkins in Autumn with my sister and parents. As well the time we grew a small patch of strawberries in the yard and the dog kept eating them lol.
In a few more week (October to be exact) I hope to be picking pumpkins, apples and butternut squash to ring in the Autumn food palette.  I usually use these to bake pies, sticky apples and other sweet treats. Which also means a grocery shopping for baking supplies, triple the bags of sugar!

I believe picking fruit is healthier vs, grocery store bought produce because you know all about the what's been to the produce and where it's been and so forth. Also in terms of getting exercise because there's a lot walking, getting fresh air, lifting, reaching and carrying, I really get a workout. I don't get to go produce pick as often as I'd like, but when I do it's a change up from the day to day pace and I enjoy and look forward to it.
(Milburn Orchards, Maryland, USA)

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